Advice for New Flooring if You’re on a Budget

Advice for New Flooring if You’re on a Budget

You may think that shopping for flooring on a budget is a matter of eliminating the
expensive floor coverings and finding something you like among the ones that are left. However, the situation is not as simple – or as limiting – as that. Pretty much all coverings except timber come in a range of options to suit all budgets. So, actually, the process is more about deciding which flooring suits your needs. Obviously, price is still a major consideration, but there are other factors besides the material type which can help keep the total cost down when you’re working on a budget, as we’ll explain below.

Timber Flooring

Having already indicated that timber flooring tends to be more expensive, we’re including it here both for completeness and to point out that even timber is available in a range of prices. So don’t immediately discount it as an option. Especially if you want a floor covering with a uniquely authentic feel and look – due to the variation in the natural grain, no two timber floors are the same! On the negative side, pests and water can be a problem, and scratches can be very visible. Are you wanting uniform floor coverings throughout your entire building? As appealing as it can be in a lounge room or bedroom, timber flooring isn’t right for bathrooms, etc.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is popular for its durability, comfort underfoot and the fact it is so low maintenance. Forget the basic vinyl floors you remember from your youth. Nowadays, there’s a huge variety of this sort of flooring, which can be applied in plank, sheet or tile form, and which can accurately mimic concrete, slate and timber in a rainbow of colours. One downside of vinyl flooring is that it can be dented by the presence of a heavy object over a long period of time.

Laminate Flooring

If you want a floor covering that closely resembles timber for potentially a lot less money, laminate flooring could well be the answer. Check out a current catalogue – you will be amazed by the detail of the “wood”. As with vinyl flooring, laminate is hard-wearing and easy to maintain. Unlike actual timber, it is scratch resistant. Like actual timber, water can be a problem and lead to damage.

Hybrid Flooring

Sometimes seen as combining the strengths of vinyl and laminate flooring, hybrid flooring is durable, comfortable underfoot, can look just like wood and is 100% waterproof. While there may be cheaper options, there’s a fair chance that buyers on a budget will decide it offers the highest bang for their buck.

Carpet Flooring

Whatever your budget level, there’s an attractive carpet to match. It can’t be beaten for comfort and also reduces the noise from foot traffic. On the other hand, the possibility of staining means it won’t be suitable for every room/situation. Carpet is warmer and cosier, but it’s harder to keep clean and free of dust – which could be a deal-breaker for people with, say, severe asthma.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost

Other things affecting the overall cost of your choice of flooring are transportation, labour (some take longer to install than others) and the quality of underlay you use. To reduce these, you should buy local and make the relevant room(s) as ready as possible before the flooring professionals arrive. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t afford your dream covering this time around. Remember that any flooring is improved in look and feel with the addition of a rug or two, which can then be moved around as you see fit.

After Affordable, Quality Flooring?

Contact South Coast Furnishings and we’ll help you find the best-value flooring to meet your requirements. Located in Cowes on Phillip Island, we have years of experience and accumulated knowledge in this area, and offer a free measure and quote. We now also offer free video consultations for when a home visit isn’t convenient in these difficult times. You can reach us by calling (03) 5952 1488.

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