Why You Should Update Your Blinds and Window Coverings

Why You Should Update Your Blinds and Window Coverings

Here at South Coast Furnishings (Cowes, Phillip Island, Victoria), we want everyone to have the best possible window coverings. Now, obviously we’re biased, because selling top-quality blinds, curtains, shutters and much more is our business. However, we genuinely believe that updating the window coverings in your home or workplace makes sense for many reasons, four of which we’ve listed below.

Reason 1: The Quality and Range of Products Available

If it’s been a long time since you last updated your blinds (or whatever else), you’ll be amazed at what’s available now. Technologies are constantly being refined, new patterns and colours added to existing ranges, and even entirely new styles of products released you won’t have seen before.

You might say, “Oh, we’re pretty happy with our old curtains.” But it’s highly likely you’ll change your tune when you see the many wonderful alternatives currently available.

Reason 2: New Window Coverings Add Buyer/Renter Appeal

It seems obvious to state that, say, new window shutters add value to a residence or business. They definitely do. There’s more to it, though… Tired, worn or damaged coverings may reflect negatively on both building and owner.

By updating the window coverings on a property you plan to sell or rent, you’re (a) helping to show it at its very best, and (b) encouraging occupants to care about – and care for – the place as much as you clearly do.

Reason 3: New Window Coverings Improve Quality of Life

OK, we just talked specifically about sale/rental properties. If, however, you’re updating the coverings in your own family home – perhaps replacing dilapidated roller blinds with stylish new venetian blinds throughout – then the benefits are even greater. You could say they are constant, because every time you look at the new window coverings you’ll be pleased with how much of a “lift” they give each room. Other aspects such as being easier to use or clean, or providing better light/temperature control are the icing on the cake.

Reason 4: You Can Afford It!

We’ve raved about the range of window coverings on offer today without even mentioning awnings, vertical blinds, plantation shutters and more. One of the handiest things about this huge amount of choice is that there really is a covering to suit every budget. So, if you think you can’t afford to update, think again. And remember that you’re investing in the future of the home or workplace in question.

Realised It’s Time to Update? We’re Ready to Help!

At South Coast Furnishings, located in Cowes on Phillip Island, we have many years of knowledge and experience on every aspect of window coverings. As well as expert advice regarding blinds, etc., we offer customers a free measure and quote, or even a video consultation for when a home visit isn’t convenient. You can reach us by calling (03) 5952 1488.

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