Tips on choosing the best carpet for your home or office

Tips on choosing the best carpet for your home or office

As a new homeowner or business operator the challenge of making the right decision on which carpet type to choose is often overwhelming with so many carpet styles, carpet colours, carpet weaves and carpet fibres on offer. In addition to beautifying a home or office space and feeling soft underfoot, well-chosen carpet types will also deliver practical enhancements when selected wisely.


How to choose your carpet type?

So how do we do this? Firstly, choose a carpet retailer with a good reputation so you may discover the best types of carpet for your needs, the highest quality carpet within your budget and the most attractive look for your home or office. This expert guidance will ensure you make your carpet choice with absolute confidence.

Most of us will have a fair idea of a particular look or carpet colour we prefer and whether we need our carpet to stand the test of time or just look good for the short term. That will often be the limit of our considerations, when in fact we really should be thinking about so much more.

For instance, did you know deep shag carpet is not a great option for managing pet hair? Your cleaning time can be significantly reduced by choosing a flatter pile carpet for your home or office rather than a shag or wool carpet.


What do you want from your carpet?

It really is easy to be clever in your carpet selection, you just need to ensure that those on-trend type carpet colours will actually work with your existing décor. Consider whether the carpet density and carpet durability are tough enough to cover over stairs and high traffic areas like hallways and office spaces. You should even think about whether the type of carpet quality is important to you for the long term.

The carpet texture is important too if you want a thick and soft pile in the bedroom but something more hard-wearing through the rest of the home. The cost of your carpet type is also a major consideration and often works out relatively cheaper for purchase and installation when compared to other flooring materials.


Seek advice from carpet professionals

After doing your research and establishing the quality, look and budget, you really just need to be clear about the everyday demands your type of carpet will be subject to, and the lifespan you are expecting your carpet choice to deliver.

Rest assured, when considering how to choose the right type of carpet for your home or office, seeking advice from professionals at carpet stores like Flooring Xtra cannot be underestimated. With consideration and information forming the basis for your carpet choice, you are already stepping ahead in getting the most from your carpet!


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