The benefits of buying local Australian-made furniture

The benefits of buying local Australian-made furniture

We're all on the lookout for bargains, but what's important to remember is that you get what you pay for. Buying from overseas can be tempting with prices often much cheaper than Australian-made products, but it's worth checking out the quality of these items before making a purchase. 

Why not buy local and support our industries? Australia has an abundance of skilled craftspeople producing beautiful pieces of furniture in their workshops that are perfect for your home or office space. Here at South Coast Furnishings, we stock a range of stylish furnishings that are locally made in Australia. Here are some of the benefits of buying Australian-made. 



You're supporting a local business and its employees

When you buy Australian-made products, it is not just good for the businesses in Australia that produce them but also beneficial to employees. When you buy locally made furnishings from furniture and mattress stores, you are supporting these smaller companies that are competing with overseas sellers who can afford lower prices due to cheap labour costs or subsidies. 


Environmental considerations

By buying locally made furniture from South Coast Furnishings, your purchase will not only support Australian employment but will help save on the environmental impact caused by shipping goods over long distances through our carbon footprint reducing effect! Choosing a mattress or desk that has been made in Melbourne will reduce transportation costs associated with importing furniture that has already been produced at an inflated cost due to import taxes. This means fewer fuel emissions into the atmosphere.


Supporting the economy

By buying local Australian made furniture you are helping support the economy as well as ensuring that your purchase has been created with high-quality standards at an affordable price, so it'll last longer too. We have handcrafted products that are guaranteed to stand up against time; they're built tough because we know how important durability is when purchasing items such as mattresses, couches and tables.


Instant dispatch

No more waiting around for shipping over a long distance! You will be able to choose from our wide range of styles and colours in Australian-made furniture that is delivered to your door. No need for any long lead time or worrying about the delivery of a large object that may not fit where it needs to go; no more wasted trips back and forth from the shop! 

The quality is guaranteed as well because we only use materials sourced locally in Australia so there'll be less chance of having an issue with something like paint peeling off after just over one year. They are better than other items on the market that have been made overseas with cheaper alternatives.


Situated in Cowes on beautiful Phillip Island, the team at South Coast Furnishings & Flooring Xtra pride ourselves on offering a wide range of Australian-made products and services for all your carpets, floor coverings, window shades and blinds needs at very competitive prices. Call us on (03) 59 52 1488 and book a free measure and quote today!


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