Our guide to design styles and decorating your home with rugs

Our guide to design styles and decorating your home with rugs

Rugs are quite possibly one of the most perfect home accessories to add warmth and character to your living areas and rooms. They can inspire a sense of relaxation and cosiness, as well as encourage family play on the floor with their soft and flowing qualities. Decorating your home with rugs will also mean that harder floor surfaces, such as timber and vinyl, are not so hard on your feet as they provide a layer of support when you walk.

Considering you can get rugs in many shapes, sizes, colours and sizes, it can be difficult to distinguish which particular style suits your home’s design style. So, even though you are likely to find one that suits your budget, you might be out of sorts trying to figure out which one best suit your intended room styling. Good news! We are here to help - here is our guide to decorating your home with rugs!

 Wool Rugs

There is, honestly, nothing more luxurious than a wool rug under the foot. Whether it is positioned in the living room, a bedroom or a playroom - wherever it is it will add style, elegance and warmth. Wool is a quality fibre and is perfectly suitable to be used as a decorating home accessory to suit any room styling. A wool rug will make a space so much more comfortable and luxurious.

Large Rugs

Decorating a room with a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing large rug can help make the area appear more spacious. A large rug can be a useful home accessory to effectively frame a living room space, create distinct areas in open-plan homes and - more to the point - they are essential for rooms generous in size. A rug too small for its area can feel like it is out-of-place and floating, so selecting a rug that is suited to a room’s size and design style is key for a harmonious look and feel. 

Round Rugs

Round rugs are a perfect decorating choice to add a sense of elegance and warmth to spaces within the home that are awkward, uneven or small. Placing a round rug in a small space or room can make it feel larger, areas such as entryways or oddly shaped rooms will benefit too. The design style of these rugs can often be visually dynamic; coming in many colours and weaves. So, if you have an awkward area within your home – try a round rug!

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs, while looking fantastic, can reduce the amount of dirt that is tracking into your home. They are beneficial for creating a more cosy outdoor space and are available in many colours and patterns – perfect for decorating and complementing an exterior space. Looking outside the box, they can also be used as a picnic rug. 

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