Tips on choosing the best window shades and blinds for a coastal home

Tips on choosing the best window shades and blinds for a coastal home

Our windows are one of the most important things in our homes, especially for those of us living right on the coast. Our windows give us astonishing coastal views from inside our very own living areas, so, it is only natural that we would want to take advantage of that asset as much as we can. 

As a result, beachside and coastal homes will have unique and quirky characteristics that are their very own. With interior decor and windows being complemented by a creative use of window shades and blinds.


Our tips on choosing the right window shades and blinds

The window coverings coastal dwellers should typically go for should be, first and foremost, functional in their design. The covering should be able to control light levels, humidity levels and withstand the elements. They should, however, also be elegant, easy to look through and versatile. Essentially, choosing an attractive, yet functional, window covering for your beach home is important in creating a comfortable space to view our beautiful coastal scenery.


Our choice of window shades and blinds that best suit coastal homes

Going off of our tips above, here are our favourite styles of window shades and blinds that will fit perfectly in your beachside home. 


Interior shutters

Interior shutters are probably the best bet for really embracing a beachside aesthetic, giving you an elegant appearance to your windows. The best thing about interior shutters is that they are very low maintenance, easy to clean and great for privacy.


Roman blinds

To maximise the amount of natural, coastal sunlight coming through your windows, roman blinds are a perfect option. They create a relaxed, chilled out vibe inside the home and, at the same time, offer a high level of privacy. They also come in a variety of colours and fabrics, so it is safe to assume you will find one that suits your home decor. 



Opting for sheers will allow you to take advantage of your homes coastal living as they give you a glimpse of your picturesque view, allow light to filter through and, at the same time, offer a little bit of privacy. Choosing light colours, such as white, light yellow and sky blue, will complement the look of your coastal residence as well.


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