Designer Rugs to Make Your Rooms Complete

Designer Rugs to Make Your Rooms Complete

Whatever your flooring base, the addition of a designer rug always gives the area in question a real lift. As well as adding the finishing touch in terms of décor, rugs perform many other useful functions – runners lead your guests along the hallway, play rugs give the kids a cosy spot on which to focus their fun, other rugs create a fashionable barrier between furniture and floorboards, particularly cosy rugs offer a place to dress in the morning or rest weary feet in the evening…

The list of benefits rugs provide is nearly as long as the list of different shapes, sizes, materials and designs in which they may be found. Here at South Coast Furnishings and Flooring Xtra, we stock a wide range of stylish rugs that won’t break your budget, including classic varieties as well as trending rugs for those who like to keep up with the latest in home-interior fashions. Below are just some of the categories of rugs we carry, with a few notes on what makes each type special.

Jute Rugs

Jute is a strong natural fibre made from the bark of the jute plant. It’s perfect for those wanting to create a natural, “earthy” atmosphere within their abode. Jute designer rugs tend to have an understated appeal, simultaneously giving off vibes of simplicity and expense (even though they are actually great value for money, being so durable).

Pictured: Atrium Barker Rug

Wool Rugs

Nothing says luxury quite like a woollen rug. Stylish rugs made from wool are hard to beat in the bedroom or lounge room, with their lovely texture, the warmth they bring and their unmistakable quality. You may be surprised at the large amounts of colours and patterns in which wool rugs are available, too. Come in and browse our quality selection.

Shag Rugs

Wriggling your toes in thick shag carpet is one of life’s little pleasures. There’s something almost decadent about it – like flooring shouldn’t feel so nice. But would you want it throughout your entire property? Likely not. Fortunately, shag rugs allow you to have the best of both worlds – thick carpet in key locations and more practical coverings elsewhere.

Pictured: Saffron 22


The long rectangular rugs known as runners are ideal for hallways and entry areas, but also work well in laundries, kitchens and even bedrooms. A runner in an entry immediately sets the style for the rest of the home. As already suggested, runners along hallways make for an attractive path to follow. When placed in the laundry, one of these designer rugs introduces a touch of fashion to a space where it is often lacking. And, strategically positioned in a kitchen or at the end of a bed, a runner makes those rooms even more pleasant places to be.

Outdoor Rugs

You may think your outdoor setting looks and feels good now, but trust us when we say that an outdoor rug will take it to the next level. Not only do they transfer indoor comfort to an exterior location, the array of patterns and colours on offer means you can use them to subtly complement the existing décor or spark it into life with an eye-catching trending rug.

For the Latest in Stylish but Affordable Rugs…

At South Coast Furnishings and Flooring Xtra (Cowes, Phillip Island, Victoria), we have many years of knowledge and experience in every area of home furnishings, and carry a wide range of designer rugs, with plenty of trending rugs. For questions, advice and ordering info, you can reach us at or by calling (03) 5952 1488.

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