Matching Your Floor and Window Coverings

Matching Your Floor and Window Coverings

Firstly, we just want to say that if you have your heart set on a particular flooring and particular window coverings, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you going with that combination. However, when it comes to interior design, things very often look different to how we imagined when we see them together in a room, especially when all of the furniture and other items are added to the picture as well.

For that reason, the purpose of this blog is to share some tried’n’trusted guidelines related to matching floor coverings and window coverings. Don’t think of them as laws you dare not break – more as things to keep in mind when purchasing your next window coverings or flooring. And when in doubt, pay a visit to your friendly local home furnishings store to see examples of both materials together in the one place!

The “Anchoring” Effect

It’s often said that what’s on the floor should be darker in colour than what’s on the windows (and walls) in order to anchor the room. Throughout this article, we are going to use a specific example of a combo of affordable blinds and affordable carpet. If you subscribe to the anchoring effect, you might choose navy blue carpet and white blinds (perhaps with walls in a less bright white).

Proven Contrast or Same Family

OK, this is kind of a double guideline. If you’re after a contrast between your floor
coverings and window coverings, try to stick with classic pairings. Alternatively, go for two colours from the same family. So, returning to our example of affordable blinds and affordable carpet, we could have trendy shades of orange and brown. Alternatively, we could have two tasteful greens, one a little lighter than the other.

What if They’re Both Wood?

It’s often asked whether wooden window coverings should match wooden flooring. The short answer is: there’s no rule that says they must. From a visual perspective, it’s more important for the wooden blinds (or whatever coverings) to fit in with the wood of the windowsill. If your room has wood on the windows and on the floor, as long as the two varieties complement each other, it should be fine. Don’t forget to factor any wooden furniture that’s going to be present into the equation, though.

Patterns Require Subtlety

Got patterned window coverings? Opt for floor coverings in a solid, subtle colour. Got patterned floor coverings? Similar deal – unless you’re a cutting-edge designer, stay well away from potential pattern clashes. Going back once more to our example of affordable blinds and affordable carpet, acceptable combos might be teaming a grey carpet with blinds featuring a bold geometric pattern, or a floral carpet with pale pink blinds.

For All Types of Window and Floor Coverings

Visit South Coast Furnishings & Flooring Xtra (Cowes, Phillip Island, Vic), call (03) 5952 1488 or email We have many years of knowledge and experience in every area of home furnishings, and can provide you with quality, stylish affordable solutions for your floor or windows – or both! We’re also happy to advise on popular flooring-window covering combinations and what styles/colours are in fashion at the moment.

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