Have You Considered Double Roller Blinds?

Have You Considered Double Roller Blinds?

At South Coast Furnishings & Flooring Xtra (Cowes, Phillip Island, Vic), the many window coverings we offer include double roller blinds. Because some people aren’t familiar with these extra-special blinds, we thought we’d do a blog entry explaining what they are, listing the benefits they provide and asking whether there are any real drawbacks.

What Are Double Roller Blinds?

Double roller blinds are also widely known as dual roller blinds or day/night roller blinds. They consist of two blinds, one in front of the other, on the same window. The first blind is made of translucent material and is designed to function as more of a sun blind. The second blind is made of opaque material and is designed to function as a blackout blind.

As far as operation goes, dual roller blinds operate the same as single. The difference is that having two together means there are countless ways they can be combined. If you’re worried that having double rollers might be unsightly, don’t be – they can be discretely hidden under fabric pelmets or aluminium fasciae.

What Are the Advantages of Double Roller Blinds?

We touched on one of the advantages of day/night roller blinds already: their versatility. For example, if you want a blackout at the top of your window, filtered light in the middle and a clear view at the bottom, you can. Just lower the blind with the heavy fabric 1/3 of the way and the blind with the see-through fabric 2/3 of the way.

Double roller blinds really do offer the best of both worlds. If you only had a blackout blind, it’s likely you’d often struggle to allow in enough daylight (but not too much). Likewise, if you only had a translucent blind, there’d probably be times when you wished the room in question was darker to assist sleep or generally more private.

We like to point out the way in which well-fitted, premium window coverings act as insulation, helping to naturally regulate room temperatures and thereby cut down on energy bills. This is even more true with dual roller blinds, especially on winter evenings when both blinds can be lowered right down.

Those with a designer bent will also love the fact that utilising a pair of blinds is an
opportunity to match colours and styles of fabric to create effects.

Are there Any Disadvantages to Double Roller Blinds?

Obviously, day/night roller blinds cost more because there is more to them. However, given the aforementioned benefits, it’s hard to argue that the initial investment isn’t worth it in the long run. Double roller blinds are modern, practical, eye-catching and regularly attract compliments from visitors who wish they had them at their place.

Where Can I Get Double Roller Blinds?

You can get top-quality double roller blinds from South Coast Furnishings & Flooring Xtra (Cowes, Phillip Island, Vic). Simply give us a call on (03) 5952 1488 or email us at sales@southcoastfurnishings.com.au. We have years of knowledge and experience in every area of home furnishings, and can provide you with stylish, affordable solutions for bedrooms, lounge rooms, dining rooms and more.

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